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12-Week Group Coaching Series

Signature Group Coaching Series

Are you ready to branch out? To take a leap of faith? To love yourself and others fully? Let go of whatever no longer serves you and take action to live the life you love and deserve.

This virtual 12 week series will equip, empower and enlighten you to live it up, love it up, and let it go ... whatever that "it" is for you. You will receive encouragement, accountability, tips and techniques to achieving your personal and professional goals.

Do you want more? To be yourself, for yourself? To discover your "why" - your passion and purpose? To be fearless about your 'more' and to live a life without regret - no 'what ifs' or 'should haves' or feeling as if your living a life unexplored? The Rooted Life: Live, Love, Let Go will give you the tools, techniques and strength to be intentional in your pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

What makes this series different? Any change takes time, action and consistency. This group coaching series allows both group work and individual work. 12 weekly, one hour sessions, in the comfort of your own home to maximize your time and not be a slave to additional travel time. Erica will facilitate weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom with additional one-one-one sessions for more in depth discussion. Real time conversations and no prerecorded webinars. True coaching for your concerns to obtain the assistance you need.

This 12-week series consists of the following:

  • a weekly 60 minute virtual group coaching session ($1200 value); 
  • an optional virtual, individual weekly 30 minute touch-base session ($600 value);
  • Tools, techniques and weekly “homework” with action items and deliverables to keep you accountable (base program/materials - $900 value). 

Weekly coaching sessions will include (but are not limited to): learning how to find balance in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellness in order to achieve wholeness/balance; clarify what you want for your life by tapping into your authentic self; learn to identify habits and patterns that are keeping you from your best life; remove roadblocks and overcome past limitations; and, create an action plan to achieve your goals.

All of this, an over $2,700 value, for the low price of $599 for the series. You are worth it. Make the investment in yourself.  By making the investment in you and believing in your dreams, it will also improve your relationships, show others how important it is to take action and make yourself a priority (especially your kids).

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What are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and take action. You will never be ready so stop waiting for tomorrow, or next week, or when the kids are older - take the next step to change your thought patterns, to achieve your goals and live a life you love!  

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Client Testimonials

What are previous group coaching clients saying?

These are just a few of the testimonials from former The Rooted Life group coaching clients.

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Working with Erica has been the catalyst needed to re-set and re-focus my priorities and values. She sets the perfect pace and adjusted the process as needed; this was not a one size fits all program! Her intuitive and creative methods were refreshing and helpful as we created and navigated our own unique vision and path.  In 12 short weeks I regained my sense of control and ability to silence  self-limiting beliefs. I will be forever grateful to have had this opportunity just when I needed it most!  -Jenny K.

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As a busy working mom, I was at a point in my life where I felt I had lost myself in the shuffle of taking care of everything and everyone else. I felt like I was trapped in the muck of the day-to-day and unable to really set or accomplish any personal goals for myself.

Through The Rooted Life series, Erica provided tools that helped me put some of my own goals into action. We addressed many areas of life- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Working in a small group was the perfect format, in my opinion, to help me stay accountable to preparing for the weekly discussions. These helped me understand myself better and helped me to create my own vision of what I plan to do next in my life and my career.

12 weeks flies by - the women in our group were amazing! Though we were all in different stages of life, the common bonds we had as women made this a really fun and rewarding hour every week. The additional coaching opportunities offered by Erica each week for 1:1 time were a nice way to dive a little deeper into the work when it was needed. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering getting started with a coach. -Rebecca E.


Group Coaching Series


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Current session full. New series beginning soon:

  • Wednesdays 8pm CT June 19 - September 4, 2019 - FULL
  • Tuesdays 8pm CT August 27 - November 12, 2019

Don't want to wait for next session? Or do you have a group (min. 4 people) that would like to have their own private session? Reach out to Erica Gifford Mills. She is happy to discuss starting a private group series.

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