One on One Coaching

with Erica Gifford Mills

Is one-on-one coaching best for you?  Do you have big-picture goals, but don’t know where you should start?

Are you spinning, waiting for the day you’ll have enough power to actually make a difference?

You can build your influence power NOW, no matter who you are.

Erica will help you focus, hold you accountable, support your journey, and act as a valued sounding board. She will assist you in finding and creating the sources of your influential power.

In one-on-one coaching, you will practice the skills you need, build habits that support your goal, and ensure you eventually accomplish what you set out to do. You will walk away with a clear action plan that you can tackle right away.

Guidance, support, encouragement, and accountability on each phase of your journey, from planning to implementation. Highly personalized attention for those who are committed to reaching their goals SOON, not “someday.”


  • A woman solopreneur in the health, wellness, and fitness industry who’s ready to play a bigger game and get better results: more impact, more income, more balance;
  • At the beginning of your journey and want plenty of individualized attention as you embark on your new venture;
  • At any stage of business, and have tried to figure it out by yourself, but haven’t been able to reach your goals (or even identify your goals);
  • Willing to try new ways of doing things, and understand that growth in business goes hand in hand with personal growth;
  • Committed to reaching your goals sooner – rather than never – and want to gain the skills and strategy to make it happen;
  • Inspired by a challenge and take full responsibility for your actions; you’re looking for a mentor, not a savior;
  • Ready to let go of struggling, and feel more in the flow of your personal and professional life.


  • Packages and sessions vary based on your goals and needs but all coaching with Erica Gifford Mills include:
  • What you need to help you move forward efficiently and effectively, so that you can feel empowered personally and professional, impact those around you, earn more money, and a live a life of contentment and joy:
    • Accountability, brainstorming, encouragement
    • Guidance, support, structure
    • Insight, practical tips, suggestions
    • Tools and resources for your toolkit
    • Action plan for you to step forward and make things happen
  • Regularly scheduled 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Additional support between sessions
  • Plenty of kindhearted nudge (i.e. a little bit of good old ass-kicking) to help you move outside your comfort zone – you need to get comfy being uncomfy!

With Erica’s assistance, you move through your blocks so that you create lasting positive change in your personal and professional life. No more temporary or quick fixes – no band-aid solutions. Schedule your free consultation to discuss your needs and what packages and services are right for you!