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Heart of Service with Balanced Symmetree


Heart of Service

Selflessness is one of the greatest qualities we can impart to all in this world. Providing support, empathy and love is crucial in making this a kind world. Teach our children selflessness and gratitude but nothing is more powerful than letting them see other's model a servant’s heart. When we do so, we give our children a much better chance to grow up to be givers, not takers. Be a model of selflessness and have our children get involved. They will continue this behavior.

Do you have a 'Heart of Service'? Not sure where or how you can help those in need? Here are two opportunities you can get involved and children are welcome as often as possible (depending on the event).


Local Service Opportunities

Are interested in joining Balanced Symmetree on local service opportunties? Contact Erica to be added to the local (Wisconsin) service adventures group in Balanced Symmetree's Facebook page.  This group is open to anyone looking to lend a helping hand.  Events include asssistng local food pantries, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, and local women's shelters.


Global Service Opportunities

Erica has truly fallen in love with a Women's Collective in the Jicquillio region of Nicaragua. These women's spirits and enthusiam are contagious. 

Balanced Symmetree will be coordinating various activities and trips with other organizations and non-profits to help support their continued efforts of growth. Contact Erica to be added to the global service group in Balanced Symmetree's Facebook page.


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